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The online tool offers a wide range of online hash generators and content converters. Use the toolbar on the left side to select a tool.


Audio and Video downloader

Download audio and video files from a wide range of video and media sites.

Audio conversion

Convert video and audio from a wide range of formats to plain audio files, such as mp3, wav, aac, m4a, flac, ogg, and others. It is also possible to directly import files from video portals.

Base64 conversion

The Base64 conversion tool encodes strings to base64 strings and decodes base64 strings to strings or binary data.

Document converter

Convert a wide range of formats to the DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF, HTML, and other formats. It is also possible to save external website to several formats, including PDF.

eBook converter

Convert between all popular eBook formats.

Hash generators

More than 20 different hash generates produce hash messages from text, local files, and remote urls. The hash digests can be signed with a key using HMAC.

HTML and URL tools

The HTML entity tool provides means to encode and decode HTML tags to html entities (and vice versa). The URL encoding and decoding tool encodes and decodes URLs.

MIDI converter

Convert MIDI audio files to mp3, wav, and m4a using different sound banks and other settings.

PDF tools

Merge multiple PDFs into one file and add or remove passwords, printing-, and other document protections from PDF files.